Vienna Digital Lab

Re-defining cultural experiences


leading cultural jewels to web3.


We believe in the future of digital arts.
We believe in the fusion of real life experiences with the virtual space.
We believe in the value of decentralized global communities.    

At Vienna Digital Lab, we aim to shape the way of experiencing culture in the future. Together with artists, collectors, crypto enthusiasts, cultural institutions and marketplaces around the world. Because paving the way to the web3 is teamwork.

creating the contemporary

For us, web3 technologies form an integrative part of modern arts creation & culture experiences.

We consider the blockchain as enabler of sustainable change in the cultural space. We feel its potential to democratize the creation and distribution of new art pieces, and its power to enhance the global discourse on the cultural development of humankind.

NFTs are here to stay. We aim to build a world, where artists, cultural insitutions and global audiences can closely engage together in the creation and consumption of new arts through means of the blockchain and NFTs.

To make our vision become real, we are constantly developing new projects. Next upcoming:

- Launch Alma Deutscher NFT
- Launch VivaldiBeats Music NFT
- Host 1st Metaverse Ball in Kursalon Vienna (23.09.22)

We as Vienna Digital Lab are proud of our roots. We have been creating cultural experiences for more than 25 years - and the exploration of NFTs is just a logical next step in our journey to nurture and preserve our cultural heritage for future generations.












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